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Ghyll Royd Pre-School child finds leaf on welly walk

Welly Walk Wanderers!

On Wednesdays, Ghyll Royd Pre-School children enjoy an afternoon Welly Walk! The Walks are themed with the children’s learning topic and are always a highly enjoyable midweek activity. Last week, Little Adventurers and Great Explorers combined their welly walks with...

Two pupils searching for different plants

Plant Spotting!

Forms 3 and 4 have been learning about living things and their environments. In their science lessons this week they have been focusing on how the plant kingdom could be divided into smaller groups. They discussed the four groups which...


Finding a View – Eco Schools Day

Ghyll Royd School held an Eco Schools Day with the Woodland Trust to reach Gold level in the Green Tree Schools Award scheme. Pupils from Forms 1-6 spent the whole day outside learning and exploring in their outdoor classroom, completing...