Creative Arts

At Ghyll Royd School and Pre-School Creative Arts within the ‘Learning Challenge Curriculum’ provides exposure to and study of a range of art forms that include music, art design and crafts, drama and dance. The main purpose of the subject Creative Arts is to develop our children as creative, imaginative individuals who appreciate the arts and who have the knowledge and skills to participate in arts activities. Ghyll Royd School enriches the Creative Arts provision through a range of extra curricular learning opportunities. Pupils take part in drama, dance and art workshops and school productions that allow pupils of different ages to work together, thus enriching their skills, experience, enthusiasm and sense of community.

The children at Ghyll Royd School have a vibrant, dynamic and ultimately meaningful music education experience in school and in the wider community. The children take part in a one hour weekly music lesson and a separate singing lesson. Throughout the year the children take part in Key Stage Productions, School Services, Assemblies, Competitions and represent the school by supporting local events and community projects and charities. Peripatetic teachers enhance the children’s musical education by offering Singing, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Accordion, Violin and Drum lessons.

We aim to introduce the children to the many different ways of generating and developing ideas, from looking at artists, drawing from observation to using their imagination as a starting point. Building confidence and enjoyment in the subject is vital and we work hard to deliver projects that provide them with scope to develop as artists. A wide range of materials and techniques are taught, including drawing, painting, computer graphics, printmaking, ceramics, card, wire and plaster sculpture and collage. Looking at art from different cultures and times is also an important aspect of our curriculum and the children will be challenged into thinking about why artists work in the way they do, taking into consideration the historical context. Sketchbooks and folders are provided and used for short preps and classwork and ipads are used in a variety of ways to extend, support and generate art.