Parent Representatives

Form Representative

Your Form Representatives will aim to:

  • Provide opportunities for active partnerships of parents working with class teachers which will be developed to support the overall mission of the school;
  • Build strong links with parents and teachers for the betterment of education of all children;
  • Allow opportunities for parents to present ideas that support school/class needs;
  • Keep parents informed of the major developments within the school community.

Your Form Representative will:

  • Be a liaison person between the class teacher and class parents with information, issues and school events.
  • Welcome new parents/families into the school. A personal phone call to a new family can be a great welcome into the school community.
  • Promote social gatherings. The majority of parents are here for the long journey of education. Developing relationships amongst the parents assists in building community spirit and sense of belonging.
  • Often parents have issues that need a sympathetic ear. Major issues need taking up either with the class teacher or the Senior Leadership Teams (Mr Martin, Mrs Beeson and Mrs Hudson) by individual parents.
  • Promotion of school activities and developments require parents to have the tools to inform/promote the school. Knowledge is a big part of supporting the school. Through the Form Representatives meeting each term, the School will have more information (knowledge) about what is happening.

Your Form Representatives are:

Little Adventurers: Ali Morpeth and Laura Weller

Great Explorers: Kim Linfoot

Reception: Mareli Ridgeway

Form 1: Anna Bedford Collins

Form 2: Amanda Driver

Form 3: Catherine Laycock

Form 4: Nicola Brumfitt

Form 5: Elizabeth Foster Powls

Form 6: Vikki Barnfather