Nutrition and Exercise

Physical Activity at Ghyll Royd

At Ghyll Royd students typically experience two physical education sessions, one gymnastics session and one swimming session a week. This means that on four days of the week all children experience at least one session of physical activity.

In addition there are three separate break-times in the school day in which children are encouraged to be active with a wide variety of equipment.  The school has particular success with its extra-curricular sports clubs. The Friday morning running club attracts nearly half of the school.  There are also circuit classes, football clubs, and a number of different sports that many Ghyll Royd children take part in before and after school.

In Pre-School, outdoor learning and active play form the cornerstone of the curriculum.  Every Wednesday children aged 2-5 are taken on a Welly Walk within the schools expansive grounds. Children play in the innovative outdoor space several times a day.

Nutrition at Ghyll Royd

Nutrition plays a significant part in a child’s health.

  • Fruit and vegetables should make up a large part of a daily diet
  • Red meat and processed meat should be minimised
  • Sugar should be minimised
  • A healthy diet is one that incorporates a wide range of foods from all food groups
  • Children should eat portions that are appropriate for them
  • Eating together with family and peers forms an important element of a healthy diet
  • Meals should ideally be cooked from scratch using ‘real food’ ingredients
  • Snacks should be limited and based on ‘real’ food such as fruit or nuts
  • Water should be drunk at regular intervals throughout the day

At Ghyll Royd all of these guidelines are incorporated into the meal planning and schedule. Meals are cooked on the premises using only fresh ingredients every day. All meals include a variety of vegetables. Meals are designed to include a wide range of foods and to encourage children to experience a diverse range of tastes. Fruit and vegetables are often incorporated into the puddings.  Portions are appropriate for children. Children are able to bring one healthy snack for morning break and fresh water is constantly available.

Importantly, children all sit together and are strongly encouraged to show exemplary table manners.  Children are rewarded for this on a weekly basis.