Sports Timetable

2023 Timetable:

Before School 9am 10am 11.20am 12.20am 2.00pm 2.50pm After School
Monday Pre School Physical Education Reception Swimming KS1 Physical Education Multi Skills Sports Club KS2 Physical Education


KS2 Physical Education


Sensible Soccer with Inspiration Tree
Tuesday LKS2 Games Afternoon Inflatable Bounce with SportsCool Athletics Club by Shirley Wood
Wednesday Pre-School Ballet by Dancing Dolphins KS2 Ballet by Dancing Dolphins After school sports: Cricket/Rugby Independent School Fixtures
Thursday KS1 & KS2 Swimming Pre-School Football with Ilkley Town Reception PE Gymnastic Fusion Club by Josette Cornish
Friday Cross Country Club Pre School Gymnastics by Mr Wilces KS2 Gymnastics Club KS1 Physical Education

Movement and Dance

UKS2 Games Afternoon Gymnastic Fusion Club by Josette Cornish