Marvellous Mathematics

At Ghyll Royd School we are keen to promote Mathematics as a key life skill. The children develop a wonderfully positive attitude toward the subject and see its application to the real world. 

The aim in Mathematics is that all children develop their ability to work with numbers and measure with confidence and competency. Being involved in Mathematical activities every day makes the subject active and exciting. Based upon the National Curriculum, our yearly expectations are high and achievable, providing targets for children to accomplish during each year of their primary education.  

Mathematical thinking is used in every lesson to enable the children to: 

  • become numerate and tackle Mathematical problems with confidence 
  • develop Mathematical thinking skills, so that the children will have the ability to question 
  • develop the skills which are needed to meet the demands of adult life 
  • use Mathematical language effectively and confidently
  • develop positive attitude to Mathematics, recognising that Mathematics is both useful and enjoyable 
  • be able to use and apply their skills in other subjects 

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