ISI Reports

October 2022 Educational Quality and Compliance Inspection (new framework)

We are extremely proud to inform you that the Independent Schools Inspectorate’s (ISI) overall judgement is that we are ‘EXCELLENT’ and compliant in all areas*. This is the Ofsted equivalent of ‘Outstanding’.

The report is certainly worth a thorough read as it is overwhelmingly positive and reflects the progress the governors, the staff and I have made since the last inspection.

The October Educational Quality and Compliance Inspection report can be downloaded here.

March 2019 Compliance Inspection (Progress Monitoring Visit)

The 2019 Compliance Inspection reports only on the school’s compliance with the regulatory standards. The standards represent minimum requirements and judgement are given either as met or as not met. If any standards are not met the school is given a period of time to address them in preparation for a re-visit usually 6 months after the inspection has taken place.

Thank you to the many parents who competed the Inspectors questionnaire. The Parental and pupil satisfaction from the questionnaires were very high, scoring over 90% in all the categories.

Thank you also for the support and commitment that you all continue to give to the school. I am sure that you will all be pleased with the actions that the school has taken since receiving the outcome of the Regulatory Compliance Inspection and the progress that the school and pre-school continues to make in all areas since the last Educational Quality plus Focused Compliance Inspection. Our next scheduled Educational Quality plus Focused Compliance Inspection will be in Feb 2021 which we are aiming to achieve ‘Excellent’ in all areas.

The March 2019 Compliance Inspection report can be downloaded here.

Feb 2018 Regulatory Compliance Inspection

February 2018 Regulatory Compliance Inspection report can be downloaded here.

Feb 2015 Integrated Inspection (Educational Quality and Compliance)

The inspectors were full of praise for the children and their behaviour during their visit. They were very impressed by the children’s positive attitudes to learning, their motivation, confidence and self-esteem, referring to the children’s approach to their academic studies as ‘exemplary’. They were further impressed with the pupils ability to communicate ‘confidently and with consideration, listen attentively and read with fluency and intonation’.

The inspectors deemed the personal and social development of pupils to be ‘excellent’, commenting that they have‘exemplary manners and are consistently courteous in their dealings with each other and adults.’ They also witnessed the exceptional pastoral care provided by the staff at Ghyll Royd in their support and guidance of the children and again deemed this to be ‘excellent’. The inspectors assessed our Safeguarding and Health and Safety to be ‘excellent’. One inspector commenting that we have ‘some of the best systems and procedures I have seen’.

As part of the inspection process parents responded to an online questionnaire and spent time in group discussions with the inspectors. The inspectors commented that ‘The responses to the parents’ questionnaire were overwhelmingly positive and show that parents are highly supportive of the school.’

The inspection acknowledged our individual approach to learning, recognising that ‘children of all abilities develop through individual support’ ensuring that those who are gifted and talented are stretched and those who require additional support receive it. They praised our broad ranging challenging curriculum and also the opportunities available for extra-curricular activities including the wide range of sporting fixtures available to the children.

The inspectors assessed our teaching to be ‘good and sometimes outstanding’ and noted that ‘enjoyment is at the very heart of our classroom practices’.

They assessed the scope of the curriculum commenting that Ghyll Royd offers an ‘excellent range of activities that is extensive for a school of this size.’

An important part of Ghyll Royd is the level of pastoral care it offers, which inspectors commented ‘The contribution of arrangements for pastoral care is excellent. Class teachers provide excellent support and guidance for children in their care. They know their pupils well and have good strategies to encourage them to do their best.’

The 2015 Integrated Inspection report can be downloaded here.