Parent Information

The pupils’ attitudes to their academic studies are ‘Exemplary’ (ISI Report, 2015)


The personal development of each pupil is ‘Excellent’ providing opportunities for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. (ISI Report, 2015)

Ghyll Royd School:

“Creates a happy and supportive learning environment to ensure that the contribution made by every child is recognised and valued.”

“Develops children’s individual talents, builds their self-esteem and encourages their leadership skills.” 

“Offers a wide ranging curriculum and extra –curriculum, giving all the children the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and develop new skills and interests.” 

(ISI Report, 2015)



Ghyll Royd School provides a fully inclusive educational experience through teaching the innovative, self-directed approach of the  Learning Challenge Curriculum  the range of topics that are offered through a cross-curricular approach incorporate Science, History, Geography, Computing, Religious Education, Physical, Health and Social Education (PHSE), Music, Drama, Art and Modern Foreign Languages.


At Ghyll Royd School Creative Arts provides exposure to and study of a range of art forms that include music, art design and crafts, drama and dance.

The main purpose of our Creative Arts programme is to develop our children as creative, imaginative individuals who appreciate the arts and who have the knowledge and skills to participate in arts activities.

‘Excellent’ extra-curricular provision” (ISI Report, 2015)

Ghyll Royd School enriches the Creative Arts provision through a range of extra curricular learning opportunities.

Pupils take part in drama, dance and art workshops, school services, assemblies and productions and represent the school by supporting local events and community projects and charities. All the above allow pupils of different ages to work together, thus enriching their skills, experience, enthusiasm and our sense of community.

Peripatetic teachers enhance the children’s musical education by offering Singing, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Accordion, Violin and Drum lessons.



At Ghyll Royd School we always endeavoured to make learning as interesting and engaging as possible.  Enrichment activities are vital to learning and provide the children with first hand experiences to support their lessons. Such activities include:

Day visits to local attractions, museums, parks, theatres, places of work and farms.

Residential visits to Dearne Valley, Ingleborough Hall and Robin Hood’s Bay.

Visitors into school that have included the emergency services, poets, theatre groups, dentists, war veterans, road safety teams, charities and societies.

Development of the children’s life skills through activities such as Forest Schools, First Aid, Cooking and Woodwork.

Thematic events that have included  Greek Day, Tudor Day, Victorian School Day, V.E. Day, Music Week, Science Week, Anti-Bullying Week, Road Safety Week, Maths Week, Waste and Energy Saving Week and many more.

Our pupils benefit from a carefully considered and balanced, extra-curricular programme which complements the Learning Challenge Curriculum with an excellent and extensive range of activities.

In addition to our regular clubs, the school includes a wide and interesting range of sporting activities. A local school’s sports partnership enables all our pupils in Years 3 – 6 to take part competitively in a range of sports that include netball, football, basketball, cricket, athletics, rounders and swimming throughout the year.