Visits to Ghyll Royd

Our admissions team is working hard to answer all enquiries. Get in touch with us to discuss availability and transitions.

Visit Us

Visit one of the top 10 Prep Schools in the UK, a School which is loved for its family friendly atmosphere. Experience life at Ghyll Royd School and meet our polite and happy pupils. We warmly invite prospective parents and their families to visit the school to see for themselves the breadth of education and facilities on offer and see for yourself what a special place Ghyll Royd is.

Some parents prefer to attend an Open Day Event while others prefer to make an individual appointment with the Headteacher. We understand that deciding upon the right school for your child is an extremely important decision. Therefore, we encourage parents to visit the pre-school and school on more than one occasion. This way parents are able to see the school in various situations and fully appreciate all that we can offer their child.

The Headteacher and Head of Pre-Prep are happy to meet with prospective parents and individual appointments can be arranged throughout the academic year. The Head or the Head of Pre-Prep will be pleased to give parents a personal tour of the school where they will see children and staff going about their normal school routines. Some parents bring their children with them while others prefer to make the first visit on their own and return, with their children, at a later date.

Open Days 2020

Every day is Open Day! Request a visit today, email or call 01943 865575.

Discovery Day

What will you discover in a day?

We at Ghyll Royd aim to provide a foundation for life. Give your child the best start to their education by attending our Discovery Day and see for yourself what a special place Ghyll Royd is. Join Ghyll Royd pupils for an outdoor adventure day conducting science experiments, creating art and much more!

For more information on our upcoming Discovery Day, contact the school office on or call 01943 865575, or fill in your details with our Contact Us form.

Taster days

We encourage parents to arrange taster days for their children when they can experience a full day in the classroom, on the sports field and sample a typical lunch at Ghyll Royd. For some children it may be beneficial to have more than one taster day prior to entry to ensure a smooth transition.

Children may attend taster days in the Pre-Prep and Prep departments of the school at any point through the school year. Taster days offer children the opportunity to get to know other children in their year group and to experience a normal school day which may include a mix of academic lessons, art, drama, music and sport.

We also offer taster sessions to children aged 2 to 4 year olds in the Pre-School and Nursery. The sessions give children the opportunity to explore some of the activities and specialist lessons on offer and to access some areas of the Foundation Stage Curriculum. Parents may stay with their child during these taster sessions until they feel their child is ready to be left. Prior to a child joining the Nursery, we offer two 2 hour settling in periods, free of charge, to ensure children feel safe and secure within their new environment.

For more information about arranging taster and settling in sessions please contact the Gilly in the school office who can help in choosing an appropriate day that would most suit your child. If you would like more information please call our school office on 01943 865575.