Prep School FAQs

Please find a list of our prep school frequently asked questions.


What time does school start?

Children can arrive at school from 7.30am onwards. Children need to arrive at school in time to organise themselves and be in their classrooms by 8.40am for an 8.45am registration.

What time does school finish?

Early Years should be collected from their classrooms between 3.40 and 3.50pm. Reception and Form 1 children should be collected at 3.40pm from the main school entrance. Forms 2 to 6 should be collected from the School playground at 3.40pm.

Can we meet parents who currently have children at the school

Yes we can certainly put you in touch with our current parents. We have a friendly PTA and Form Representatives who will be happy to answer your questions.

What educational visits do the children take part in?

In Early Years, trips tend to be closer to home but as our children grow older a number of residential trips takes place. Our Year 4s spend two days at Nell Bank Outdoor Centre in Ilkley, Year 5 spend 3 days at Dearne Valley in Doncaster and our Year 6 spend 4 days over a weekend at Robin Hoods Bay.

We also have regular trips to local museums and gardens in the minibus, and can take full advantage of educational walks to the River Wharfe and into the village of Burley-in-Wharfedale as often as we like.

What sports and creative arts do you have for the children?

The school is Activemark and holds Silver Artsmark status. The awards are given for excellent provision and delivery of physical education and the arts. This means there is a superb range of games and facilities for boys and girls. We play a range of sports against a variety of other schools and enter into a number of festival and tournaments. We also enter into Art and Music festivals and competitions.

Which Schools do your children go on to?

Our children go to the best schools in the area and the schools of their choice. Care and guidance is given to select the right school for your child depending on their abilities and character. Our pupils in the past have moved to Bradford Grammar School, Leeds Grammar School, Giggleswick, Ashville College as well as the local grammar schools Ermysteds and Skipton Girls High School together with the local secondary schools.

The percentage of children obtaining places at the Grammar Schools differ from year to year but generally we feel that children are placed appropriately throughout the selection process.

For more information, visit our Leavers Destinations page.

Do your Year 6 sit SAT exams?

Yes, the Year 6 class sit their exams in May. For more information on the exams and our academic success, visit our Curriculum pages.

Do you have details about the school uniform?

Yes we do, you can find all the details on our uniform page.

The Wharfedale Uniforms website allows you to shop at your leisure and collect your orders from the school office.

What is your pastoral care like?

We are a very happy school with excellent pastoral care. The small class sizes ensure that everyone knows each other and the school has a family atmosphere.

Is Ghyll Royd Co-educational?

Yes we educate boys and girls from 2 years to 11 years of age. The children start in our Pre-School at 2 years of age.

What are your class sizes?

Ghyll Royd School offers small class sizes to ensure the children gain personal attention and have the opportunity to contribute in class. Our policy is a maximum of 16 in a class.

We have a Gifted and Talented Programme, offering personalised learning to support them in reaching their full potential.

We also have an excellent Learning Support Programme where the staff support the individual needs of the children.

What is the admissions process and how do we register our child?

Subject to availability the school accepts pupils throughout the academic year; pupils entering the school mid-year are asked to attend a two day taster session followed by a meeting with the Headteacher.

The earliest you can register your child with us, the better your chance of securing a place at Ghyll Royd.

Click here for our registration form.

Please contact the school office for further details

What benefits am I giving my child by sending them to Ghyll Royd?

Ghyll Royd is a school that is flexible and subtle enough in the way it is run to be able to accommodate the needs and personalities of individual children, and to help them flourish and feel comfortable.

The school combines the highest standards of teaching, learning and pastoral care with a strong emphasis on a sense of community and traditional values care, courtesy, challenge, cooperation and concentration. The school develops pupils self-confidence and provides opportunities for all children to mould themselves into skilful and well balanced individuals. The school encourages pupils to aim high, and values the children’s achievement in all aspects of school life.

The partnerships that are formed between pupils, staff and parents are an essential element to Ghyll Royd’s success. Parents are encouraged to take an active part in their child’s education; fostering strong communication between home and school to ensure their child realises his or her full potential from a very young age. The school’s size means the pupils, staff and parents really get to know each other well. There is a tangible sense of community, creating a warm and enabling environment.

To summarise Ghyll Royd School is a happy and stimulating place in which the pupils feel safe, confident and valued. When the time to leave does arrive the children progress to their senior school of choice secure in the knowledge that they have received a ‘foundation for life’.

What are the fees for sending my child to Ghyll Royd?

All the fees can be found on our website together with details of our sibling discounts, scholarships and bursaries.

Weekly swimming lessons are included in the fees.

Additional costs include lunches, trips, extra-curricular clubs and peripatetic music lessons.

Please click here for further details