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Ghyll Royd Pre-School child finds leaf on welly walk

Welly Walk Wanderers!

On Wednesdays, Ghyll Royd Pre-School children enjoy an afternoon Welly Walk! The Walks are themed with the children’s learning topic and are always a highly enjoyable midweek activity. Last week, Little Adventurers and Great Explorers combined their welly walks with...

Ghyll Royd School boys paint with juice from berries

Berry Beautiful Pictures

Whilst Ilkley Pool is closed, Forms 1 and 2 are using their usual swimming session times to explore the outdoors. Last week they took a walk by the river and discussed ‘where does the river come from?’ and ‘where is...


Wednesday Welly Walk!

On our Wednesday welly walk, Great Explorers and Reception went on a minibeast hunt! We’re learning about minibeasts this term. Great Explorers are focusing on dragonflies, butterflies, snails and ladybirds, whilst Reception are asking the question: ‘are all minibeasts scary?’...