Mental Health First Aid in Primary Schools

Mental Health First Aiders

Our school now has five dedicated Mental Health First Aid supporters.

Mental Health First Aid qualification

Congratulations to the Ghyll Royd staff who have completed a Level 3 course in Supervising First Aid for Mental Health in the workplace. The training was delivered by Ilkley-based PACO First Aid.

The 2-day course covered a wide range of mental health conditions. The course also detailed the support and help provided by the Mental Health First Aiders and healthcare professionals.

Why we need Mental Health First Aid?

School closures, lockdowns and difficulties faced over the last 18 months have had a significant impact on all of us. A recent survey revealed that children’s mental health has not improved since restrictions eased. Mr Martin felt more was needed to support the school community.

Earlier this year, Mr Martin wrote about the positive impact outdoor learning has on our children’s wellbeing. The article, for Mental Health Awareness Week, details how Ghyll Royd children relax and recharge as a result of regular access to the outdoors for lessons and play. You can read more about the article here: Outdoor learning – a breath of fresh air to education.

How we support children’s wellbeing?

Since the first school lockdown, Ghyll Royd has provided a range of support to improve pupil wellbeing, including:

  • Worry monsters for each class to have a cuddly friend to talk to and eat their problems
  • Moz, Mr Martin’s teddy, joins in with weekly assemblies and goes around the school to look out for ‘Moz Moments’ – random acts of kindness. Children across all years are keen to share positive stories of friendship and care.
  • Year 6 created wellbeing Wednesdays, inviting children to share their worries in a safe space to be helped through their problems.
  • Goldfish and indoor plants were introduced to support children. The children take great pride in their responsibility for watering the plants and cleaning the fish.

Overall, we have seen a reduction in anxiety and anger in our children, positively correlating with academic progress.

We are delighted to now have five dedicated mental health first aiders who can support both staff and children.

For more information on mental health support for children, visit Place2Be.

Mental Health First Aid badge