Pre-School Set Sail!

Great Explorers and Reception have set sail on their learning topic for the term, ‘What lives on and under the sea?’

When we returned to school on Monday there was a giant bottle in our classroom with a piece of paper wrapped up in it. The classroom had been transformed into a pirate ship! Mrs Johnson and Miss Coulton opened the bottle and we all took a look at what was inside. Captain Redbeard, a pirate, had left a map in the bottle which led to his buried treasure!

We set out on a welly walk with spades in our hands to find his gold. We wandered through the fields, then read the map to find where we had to go next.

The map led us to the woodlands where we found a big cross on the floor: ‘X’ marks the spot! We dug and dug and found some gold coins. There was a note with the coins that read ‘Congratulations! You have found half of my treasure.’

Later in the week, with the help of Reception and visitors to our ‘Beach Party‘, we found the second half of Captain Redbeard’s buried treasure!

On our Wednesday welly walk, we found more of Captain Redbeard’s things down by the river. We said: “Captain Redbeard is so kind because he left us his pirate ship wheel.”

We’ve taken the wheel back to the classroom to use on our pirate ship.

In our Art session we made jellyfish to hang on the classroom walls. Reception class made a large sea mural which was bluey-green and glittery.

Making our jellyfish was lots of fun, and helped develop our fine motor skills when we threaded the tentacles through the holes and cut the bodies out of paper plates.

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