Can You Smell A Picture?

Following on from last week’s Art lesson, Forms 1 and 2 had to use their imaginations to create great 3D pictures.

This term’s Art lessons are all about using our senses with the natural environment. Today’s lesson was about touch and smell. From the objects we collected outside last week, we had branches, flowers and plants to create sensory pictures.

The Art room filled with the smells of wild garlic and bluebells and the prickly holly was sharp to the touch. We talked about the smells we could sense and the texture of the objects and how we could use these to create different feelings in our pictures.

If we closed our eyes and smelt and touched the pictures, could we still tell what type of picture we had made?

We were set a task by Mrs Smith to create a picture using the objects we had collected that would change the purpose of the objects. We could not create a flower garden with our petals, we had to create something completely different.

Tobias in Form 1 made an underwater picture with a whale who had big, leaf-shaped fins. There were bits of branches that were floating down the picture to resemble a shipwreck.

Amelia in Form 1 made a tree from leaves and a bunny rabbit with big leafy ears and little stalk legs.

William in Form 1 made a sea turtle with a very decorative shell made of lovely white petals.

Lucy in Form 2 made a dancer who stuck its feathery arms and legs out in all directions. Take a look at our fantastic work:

Everyone’s pictures were so unique, it really shows how imaginative and creative we are, and how we think about how to convey different shapes, animals and objects just using the things we found outside.

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