Overcoming obstacles for Red Nose Day

Our sports hall was full of cheer and support for our Red Nose Day activities on Friday.

Pupils from Reception to Year 6 took part in a ‘nose and spoon race’ to raise money for the cause. In their school houses, the children held a relay going around the cones, over the blocks, weaving through the posts and back again, as quickly as they could.

The challenge required great hand-eye co-ordination and focus, and the ability to work as a team. Well done to all involved.

The children were so excited to pick their noses (not their actual noses!). The designs this year were plastic-free and featured different animals. Toby in Form 3 was 1 in 400 people to unbox a rare rainbow chameleon nose!
The day raised a fantastic £226 which will help worthy causes and individuals in need. Thank you for all your donations.