Santa needs our help!

Santa visited Ghyll Royd School pupils for a fun filled day

Ghyll Royd children went to investigate what had happened to their school hall on Tuesday 8th December to find a very sad elf called Molly who had crashed Santa’s sleigh! It was the work of the naughty Gremlin who caused the sleigh to crash.

The children ventured into the woods to win the parts to get the sleigh working again in time for Christmas, competing against the Gremlin in a game of noughts and crosses, wreath ring toss and a screaming match using Santa’s dinosaur’s roar’o’meter!
The children then travelled back to the hall through the snow and, after speaking with the Gremlin, she had a change of heart and said she was sorry for causing trouble.
Everyone decorated their own Christmas Eve plate before settling down for a story and a magic show with Santa before he handed out a present to each child.
What a fantastic day organised by our amazing Ghyll Royd School Pre-School and Nursery PTA elves and the brilliant team at the Rainbow Factory, made complete with a Christmas-themed lunch menu, a trip to the Gremlin Grotto for a treat and hot chocolate delivered by Chef Sean to all the classes!
The children all looked wonderful in their festive fun/Christmas sparkle and we hope they had the best day! 🎄
Thank you so much to the phenomenal Rainbow Factory for putting on the most wonderful event and thank you to the PTA for organising the day!