Ghyll Royd Celebrates the Year of the Rat!

Ghyll Royd School pupil presenting Chinese New Year

Ghyll Royd School and Pre-School celebrated the Year of the Rat with authentic and traditional activities including noodle tasting and language learning.

In January we hosted a Chinese New Year Play Date. Reception set up a pop-up Chinese restaurant and the children enjoyed playing the waiter, diner and chef.

Little boys and girls made cupcake case dragons and together made a giant dragon head to dance around in. One of our wonderful families from higher up the school shared their knowledge and expertise and brought a presentation to us on Chinese New Year!

Kirk from Form 4, together with his mum and dad, transformed the classroom into a bright and beautiful display of red and gold! Kirk translated Chinese to the children, welcoming to the Play Date and shared with them traditions using finger puppets and a food tasting of yummy noodles and sticky rice cakes.

Each child went home with a balloon and a red wallet with pretend money and a recipe inside. 

Reception joined Forms 1 and 2 as they celebrated Chinese New Year with a Chinese lesson with Miffy from Leap Into Languages. Videos from the session are available to view on our Facebook page. Forms 1 and 2 were then put into smaller groups to work on writing their name in Chinese!

Thank you so much to the Dillon family for all your hard work and for your generosity in putting on a brilliant event. Thank you (谢谢) to Miffy and Anna from Leap Into Languages for organising such an engaging and exciting language lesson!
We host Play Dates every half term. To find out more about Ghyll Royd events, visit our Events page or sign up to our mailing list.
Ghyll Royd School were visited by a Chinese teacher called Miffy Ghyll Royd School pupils enjoying noodles on Chinese New Year