World Religion Day 2018

Each Form explored the beliefs and traditions of a different religion for World Religion Day last week.

In Forms 1 and 2, pupils focused on Buddhism. The children looked at the Eightfold Path: the eight different ways of practicing Buddhism to receive spiritual enlightenment. The paths included understanding, intent, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness and concentration. Both classes thought about what they could do to follow these paths in their everyday lives. The children then used origami to make their own paths.

Form 3 learnt about Sikhism, the symbols and the origins of the religion. Form 4 were learning about Islam and researched the five bases of the Islamic faith, also known as the five pillars which include shahada, salat, zakat, sawm and hajj. Isla said: “in pairs, we worked on one pillar each and researched them to find out more. We then presented what we had learned to the rest of Form 4.”

Form 5 studied Hinduism, and the many Hindu Gods. Each pupil researched a God and found out more about what they represent. George’s favourite God was Ganesh. Form 6 looked at the different symbols of Judaism and what they each represent. They shared their findings with the rest of the school in assembly.

In Monday’s assembly the children shared what they had learnt about the different religions then thought about what connects them. Each religion studied shares an understanding of love and understanding which can be summed up with one phrase:

“Do to others what you would wish for all not one.”

On World Religion Day, we reflect upon the different beliefs found around the globe, and understand how these many religions can work together for unity and a better world. The day celebrates different cultures and beliefs and gives children a well-rounded understanding of the world.

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