Fun in the Sun – Forest Schools

Forms 1 and 2’s first Forest Schools session of the year had the sun shining brightly in the sky, which gave our teacher Mrs Wood a great idea!

Mrs Wood brought out a big piece of tarpaulin and held it with Miss Brown against the sun. We all turned around, closed our eyes and waited to see if we were picked to step behind the sheet.

If we were picked we had to quickly and quietly walk behind the sheet and then make a silly pose. Because of the bright sun, we created shadows behind the tarpaulin so then we had to guess which of the class was behind the sheet.

We had to think and focus really hard on who it could be. Could it be Beau? Could it be Isabelle? Could it be Tobias? When we decided we shouted the name and then Mrs Wood dropped the sheet and revealed who it was!

That was a fun start to our morning. We then had hot chocolate on the campfire before starting our next activities.

Form 1 were set out on a mission to find different materials and objects, alongside some that Mrs Downes had brought out of the classroom. Rubbers, sticks, toys, pencil sharpeners were just some of the many objects we had. Our next task was to divide the different objects into natural and man-made products to understand the different materials we can find in the environment, and what things are made from.

Form 2 were given long pieces of willow and string to construct our own bow and arrows. We had to tie the string to both ends of the willow branches to create a bendy bow. At first we found tying the bow quite hard, but through practice we made strong, sturdy bows ready to shoot with!

The session was really fun and interactive, and we got to enjoy the sunshine!

Forest Schools has been part of the Ghyll Royd curriculum since October 2014. Participation in Forest School encourages development across all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage and main school and research has shown Forest Schools to be hugely beneficial for children with a range of emotional and developmental needs.

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