Into the Woods

Great Explorers and Reception ventured into the woodland for their first welly walk of the school year. Mrs Johnson, Miss Coulton and Mrs Watson led the way into the forest area and to a campfire where we all sat around.

Mrs Johnson gave everyone a piece of paper and left a box of crayons on the floor for us to choose a colour. We made bark rubbings by placing the paper on the tree and used our fine motor skills to move the crayon on its side up and down, up and down. We used lots of different trees to make our bark rubbings and all the pictures looked unique.

Next, Miss Coulton passed everyone a bag, and Mrs Johnson asked us to fill it with ‘signs of Autumn’. “What is a sign of Autumn?” Mrs Johnson asked. “Tiger” one of us replied. Not quite…

“A leaf!” said George.

“Conkers!” said Matilda.

“Brown” said Ben.

Off we went with our bags to find these different objects on the forest floor. There were lots and lots of different leaves, twigs, and conkers to collect. We tried opening some of the conkers but they weren’t quite ready and were white on the inside. William found a big spider! Its legs were really long and skinny.

It rained all day, but we didn’t mind – we love being outside in all weathers!

Our Early Years curriculum includes a weekly Wednesday welly walk where the children explore and learn in the great outdoors. To find out more about our Early Years curriculum, please visit our Pre-School information page.

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