Making a Difference

Specialist Support Teacher Miss King has spent part of her summer in Uganda helping children at a school and orphanage.

Miss King worked with members of the Church on the Way group to volunteer with Action for Children and Young People, a non-profit organisation who provide care, support and essential items to children affected by poverty.

Whilst there, Miss King taught the ‘Baby class and P1’ at Mother Janet’s Orphanage. Mother Janet’s Orphanage was set up to help children who had been orphaned as a result of AIDs, malaria and civil war.

Miss King said: “I taught them lots of phonics lessons, like we do at Ghyll Royd and also gave them our old reading books and some maths boards. They loved them and are going to set up a new reading scheme!”

The trip was very worthwhile to help and teach young children in a part of the world where education is still considered a privilege rather than a basic right. It costs £8.00 per term for a child to attend the school. If you would like to help any of the HIV positive children in the school, either by paying their fees or making a donation to help feed and clothe them, please get in touch with Miss King via the school office.

Well done to Miss King for her work this summer, and we hope that we can raise support for this wonderful school.

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