Maths x Outdoors + Sun = A Great Lesson!

Mr Nicholson took learning outdoors on Wednesday morning to practice Algebra with Form 5.

We were each given a piece of paper with the following task written on it:

‘Using the outdoors, design and build a model of a square-based prism and a triangular-based pyramid. The pyramid should have sides of about 30-40cm in length. The prism should have a base that has an area of 120cm².’

At first we grabbed giant branches to help us with our maths but after reading the task, we realised we had to work on a smaller scale. We collected smaller twigs and branches from the woods.

In groups we constructed the shapes using wood and twine to secure the shapes together.

These structures had to be measured out to fit the criteria for the project.

Afterwards, we sat on the grass and thought about what we had learned, and the valuable skills we used in the lesson. We found that the lesson helped with our:

  • teamwork
  • estimation
  • maths
  • communication
  • and construction skills

In our next Maths lesson, we’re going to use our structures to work out the volume and perimeter of the shapes. This will be A-level standard Maths as we use algebra to find the missing numbers in our equation to find out the size of the shape.

Take a look below at our morning:

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