Thinking Outside the Classroom

Mr Laycock took Form 4 outside for a problem-solving Maths time challenge.

In pairs or groups of three, we had a series of Maths questions we had to find the answers to.

For example: George had 19 stickers that he wanted to give to his 6 best friends, so we had to use sticks to count how many stickers George had to work out how to divide them between friends.

When we got an answer right, Mr Laycock told us to collect a cube from the middle of the wooded area.

Whoever had the most cubes when time was up was the winner. It was a great feeling when we got the right answer as we ran as fast as we could to grab a cube and start tackling the next problem.

We also had to take pictures of our work on the iPads to look back at later in class to show Mr Laycock.

It was great to learn outside of the classroom using the sticks as visuals to solve our problems.

Ilkley primary - outdoor lesson

George and Casper solving the problem

Ilkley primary - outdoor lesson

Juliet running back to her team

Ilkley primary - outdoor lesson

Phoebe and Jemima working hard

Ilkley primary - outdoor lesson

George and Casper really enjoyed the lesson

Ilkley primary - outdoor lesson

Form 4 hard at work!