Form 5 Artwork

Form 5 have got the Ilkley Carnival covered! Literally.

Pupils have been getting creative making brochure covers for the much-anticipated event. This year’s Carnival begins on the 1st May 2017 with an “At the Movies” theme.

In Mrs Smith’s Art Room, the children have been brainstorming ideas about the theme and the carnival to create covers for the brochure.

They looked at material on the existing Ilkley Carnival website, researched the family audience before drafting together their ideas in their sketchbooks.

Form 5 are now creating the covers on A3 paper. Here’s what they are looking like so far:

Ava is thinking about adding a Disney theme to her cover with Dumbo on the front.

Ilkley Primary - artwork









Bea has gone for a more traditional poster with a classic film camera.

Charlie’s poster features some of his favourite film characters including Superman and Batman.

Ilkley Primary - artwork









We can’t wait to see the finished posters!