Pupils tuck in!

The most recent School Council meeting brought forward the idea of bringing back a School tuck shop.

For just 50p, boys and girls can enjoy a break time snack from a range of food and drink.

Crispin and Ava went to Co-op on Wednesday afternoon to pick out the best food for the stall.

They bought bottled water, Fruit Shoots, fruit, yogurt, Mini Cheddars and Soreen to sell on Thursday break time.

Crispin and Ava then used the self scanner machines and fed their money to the machine. The total came to £19.45.

Posters were hung around the School to remind children to bring in 50p or £1 if they wanted to purchase an item from the stall.

Word had spread and a gigantic queue had formed in the courtyard as the stall was being set up.

The boys and girls loved the shop so much that they almost sold out!

Just before everyone headed back to their lessons, the Council had to see how much they had made.

Edward counted up the money and announced that they had made more than they had anticipated: a fantastic £28.30!

The tuck shop has proved a success, and the Council are already planning for the next one.

Crispin said: “The tuck shop was really good. Me and Ava really enjoyed going to the shop and buying the best things. Everyone at School clearly liked it but I think we need to buy a lot more next time to make sure we don’t sell out.”

Well done to the School Council members!

The tuck shop runs every Thursday break time. For just 50p your child can enjoy a mid-morning snack provided by our wonderful School Council.