Early Years Visit Tropical World

On Tuesday our Early Years visited Tropical World in Roundhay to learn about the weird and wonderful creatures found in different habitats around the world.

We first went into the Butterfly room which was really, really warm! It needs to be warm so that they feel like they are in their natural climate.

We talked about where butterflies live, what they eat and their life cycle as they transform from caterpillars into beautiful butterflies.

We removed our coats and began exploring through the trees and plants, looking for as many butterflies as we could.

We saw lots of birds and butterflies flying around, all with big, beautiful, colourful wings. There were perches for butterflies to come and sit on with fruit to collect the nectar which gave us a better, close up look.


There was a lot more to see including lizards, chameleons, crocodiles and snakes.

Although we couldn’t see the snake through the glass, it had shed its skin which then got us talking about reptiles and their habitats.

We walked over a footbridge which was above the terrapin enclosure. We all laid down on the footbridge to get a closer look at their shells.

Ilkley Primary - School trip

In the fish tanks there were lots of big fish including piranhas swimming around!

Ilkley Primary - School trip

For lunch we headed to the Tropical World café where a member of the public complimented the group on how well behaved and sensible we were.

Another highlight from the day was getting to see the meerkats up close. They came right up to the glass to look at us, and a group of them were sleeping. It must be tiring being so cute all the time!

We had wonderful day learning about so many different creatures and their natural habitats.

Reuben said: “My favourite part was the crocodiles and the caimans”.

George also really liked the crocodiles.

Coco liked standing under the waterfall and looking at all the pennies in the water where people had made wishes.

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