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We had a very busy Stay and Play this week with lots of new faces.

Mrs Coultas got the children moving with action songs. First, the children had to stretch to make themselves really, really tall. Then they had to make themselves as small as possible and crouch down onto the ground.

We all sang and played with instruments, shaking and stopping to stay in time with the music.

Art Splash had extra splash this week as we used milk mixed with food colouring to paint pictures of white bread. We made silly faces and pretty patterns using lots of pinks, blues and yellows.

After refreshments, it was time to play!

We did all sorts from reading, to driving, to digging outside with our mums and dads! It was very cold out but we kept warm in our hats, scarves and wellies!

Take a look at today’s pictures:

To find out more about our Stay and Play sessions, contact Gilly Downs in the School office on 01943 865575 or read our Stay and Play page.