Fun with Pyjama Drama

How did the Hedgehog cross the road?
With the help of our Early Years!

Road safety week continued for our Pre-School pupils with a visit from Pyjama Drama.

Elizabeth came into School to show our Little Adventurers and Great Explorers how to safely cross the road.

Through a very special song, we performed a dance to the words: Stop, Look, Listen, Be Safe, as we taught a hedgehog called James how to cross the road safely.

Elizabeth is a really fun teacher who encourages learning through acting, singing and dancing.

Ilkley Primary Pyjama Drama

Listening for cars

When it was time to pick our own instruments to play along with the song, we all dived in to get the best ones! We shook, twisted and rattled the different instruments to make our own special sounds.

Using our imaginations and creativity, we then pretended to be cars on the road driving through streets. We would stop at traffic lights and let pedestrians cross the road.

We had a really fun morning and can’t wait to see Elizabeth again. Thank you!

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