Dearne Valley Adventure

Form 5 spent an action packed four days at Dearne Valley, focusing on having fun but also learning away from the classroom. The activities chosen were selected to build confidence, improve working as a team, learning how to manage and assess risk and communication skills. In the latter years of primary school it is important that children develop skills outside of the classroom that equip them for the challenges of secondary school and future life.

Dearne Valley is set in 50 acres, providing a large outdoor classroom for interactive learning in a range of environments.

Once set up in their dorms the children embarked on a number of exciting activities. Working in teams they tackled the High Ropes. Testing their team and leadership skills the children had to work together to navigate their way up a giant high ropes ladder of horizontally suspended logs, where the challenge comes with the ever-increasing gaps between the rungs. An excellent problem solving task the children discussed their options and decided on the best course of action. A tricky task that can’t be completed without teamwork and planning.

Designed to build trust in each other the children took part in Nightline, an exercise where they are blindfolded and must navigate their way through a series of obstacles and mazes as a group.

In comparison we enjoyed the adrenaline rush of the zip wire as we whizzed through the air. A great test of confidence and nerves.

Still fueling our adrenaline we took part in the Laser Zone. Working in teams and kitted out in laser body armor covered in laser sensors, the children worked together to ‘laser’ their opponents, whilst developing their stealth and strategy techniques.

Our final activity was canoeing.  In North American style canoes we played games and took part in aqua based activities.

A memorable few days, taking ourselves outside of our comfort zones, having fun and learning the important skills of working together, co-operation, planning and much much more.