Road Safety Team Visit Ghyll Royd

The words that I would use to describe this week in the Early Years department are fabulous and fun-filled! The children in The Little adventurers (2-3 year olds) had an exciting trip to Leeds Bradford Airport to watch the planes and Mrs Ellis found her wings driving the mini bus….so now there will be no stopping their mini jaunts! One of the children said to me “fantastic planes!”

After a visit by the road safety team on Tuesday morning we can all cross the road safely now… even the teachers had fun with the life like traffic lights! ….and we keep singing the song, “stop, look and listen before you cross the road!”

Callie the husky dog also paid the children a visit on Tuesday which was wonderful as it bought our Polar topic to life … one of the children said Callie was just “fluffiness”. She really basked in the attention and all the tummy tickles were well received!

The highlight of the week for the children in The Great Explorers (3-4 year olds) and the Reception class (4-5 year olds) was a trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. From start to finish the day was a joy to behold from singing Disney songs on the coach to having a close encounter with the Polar bears. To see the amazement and awe on the children’s faces when they saw the polar bears was worth the trip and from a teachers perspective it was a “magic moment”. I was proud of all the children as they behaved impeccably and showed enthusiasm and great interest in all that we saw from the hissing cockroach to the proud lions.

As I said before we have has a truly fabulous and fun-filled week…. There will be many more to come I am sure!…..roll on Chinese Capers next week!