School Sports Partnership

The Ilkley Grammar School (IGS) School Sports Partnership (SSP) was formed in 2011 and is a family of local primary schools who work together to enhance the quality of sporting opportunities for children.

The SSP co-ordinator based at IGS concentrates on improving school sport opportunities including out of hours learning, intra and inter-school competition and club links across the family of schools. Primary Link Teachers (PLT) based in the schools aim to improve the quality and quantity of PE and sport in their own schools.

The Ghyll Royd PLT works closely with the SSP co-ordinator and other partnership schools to introduce a programme of events, fixtures and competitions that enables all children to have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports. In 2010 the school was awarded the Gold Activemark Award in recognition of the amount of time the children participate in sporting activities.

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Ghyll Royd has thoroughly enjoyed being part of the School Sports Partnership and the additional opportunities it has provided. The children have taken part in a variety of activities and events that now include:

Year 6 Boys and Girls Astro Football Leagues

Year 6 Boys and Girls Swimming League

Year 6 Boys and Girls Cricket Leagues

Year 5 Girls Netball League

Year 5 Mixed Rounders League

Year 5 Boys Basketball League

Year 4 Mixed Athletics League

Year 4 Mixed Dodgeball League

Year 4 Mixed Handball League

Past Achievements


2018 Year 6 Boys Cricket League Winners

2018 Year 6 Girls Cricket League Winners

2018 Year 5 Girls Netball Winners

2018 Year 6 Girls Football League Winners

2018 Year 5 Mixed Swimming Winners

2018 Year 6 Mixed Rounders League Winners


2017 Year 6 Boys Cricket League Winners

2017 Year 5 Mixed Rounders League Winners

2017 Year 6 Europa Astro Football Cup Winners


2016 Year 6 Girls Cricket Winners and Netball Finalists


2015 Year 6 Cricket, Rounders and Netball League Finalists


2014 Cricket League Champions

2014 Year 6 Swimming League Champions

2009, 2010, 11, 12, 13

2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 Year 6 Cricket League Winners

2012 Year 5 Basketball League Winners

2012 Year 6 Europa Football Cup Winners

2011 Year 6 Champions Cup Football Winners

2009 Year 6 Cricket League, District and Regional Winners reaching the Semi Finals of the National play offs at Headingley Cricket Club.