Nell Bank Residential – Form 4

Form 4 set off to Nell Bank. A journey of mixed emotions, the excitement and prospect of a great adventure and the apprehension of being away from home for two nights.  With sleeping bags and supplies for  3 days away we set off and what an amazing time we had. We built dens in the woods, learnt how to light a fire and had lots of fun in the adventure playground. We developed our independence too, making our own lunches and keeping our dorms tidy. Outside we had great trek on the moors, collecting bilberries and learning the legend of the Cow and Calf rocks. We tried really hard to see if we could move the rocks our selves, we’re sure they moved a little bit. We also did some amazing Maths. A giant had left his footprint and our challenge was to work out his size using Vesuvius Maths, which was quite a challenge. Next year we are going to Dearne Valley – we can’t wait!

Form 4