Form Representative Meeting

Form Representative Meeting

Our Parent Representatives meet at least once per term to share questions from parents in their class which are then answered or presented to the relevant staff members to answer.

Your Form Representative will:

  • Be a liaison person between the class teacher and class parents with information, issues and school events.
  • Promote social gatherings. The majority of parents are here for the long journey of education. Developing relationships amongst the parents assists in building community spirit and sense of belonging.
  • Often parents have issues that need a sympathetic ear. Major issues need taking up either with the class teacher or the Senior Leadership Teams (Mr Martin, Mr Nicholson and Mrs Hudson) by individual parents.
  • Promotion of school activities and developments require parents to have the tools to inform/promote the school. Knowledge is a big part of supporting the school. Through the Form Representatives meeting each term, the School will have more information (knowledge) about what is happening.

Please contact your form rep should you have a question you want discussing in the meeting.

Date(s) - 21st September 2022
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm