Term Dates

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Summer 2022

Opens Monday 25th April – closes Friday 27th May  (closed May Day – Monday 2nd May)

Opens Monday 13th June – closes Friday 15th July

Autumn 2022

Opens Tuesday 6th September – closes Friday 21st October

Opens Monday 7th November – closes Friday 16th December

Spring 2023

Opens Wednesday 4th January – closes Friday 10th February

Opens Monday 20th February – closes Friday 31st March

Summer 2023

Opens Monday 17th April – closes Friday 26th May  (closed May Day – Monday 1st May)

Opens Monday 12th June – closes Friday 14th July

United Adventure Camps provide holiday care for local children aged 5-11 years old on the grounds of Ghyll Royd School. For more information visit https://www.united-education.co.uk/united-camps/